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@YoungApex I said “Father Fuck you if you tryna get rid of him”...instead of saying “Mother Fuck you”...I don’t where you got lost brother man, but I love GOD and would never disrespect him especially after all he’s done for me. No beef. It was obviously just a misunderstanding bro, but appreciate the concern! I know now that if I say anything too crazy, I got someone watching with a close eye!


@YoungApex no need to for a battle either. I don’t battle. I’m not here to try and tear down anyone else. I wanna make good music and say fly witty shit (even if it isn’t heard or interpreted correctly) lol so again, idk where your signals got crossed bro, but I ain’t on that type of time! Also I heard your freestyle to the same beat and it’s was straight 🔥🔥🔥 you’re dope AF! We can collab, but I’ll never battle another artist tryna make it just like I am man and it if that makes me less of an emcee then so be it!


I hear that lol you gotta be ready to go when it’s time so I definitely respect your tenacity 💯, but I ain’t say all that lol I wouldn’t even try Jesus like that bro and if I do ever slip up and say some bugged out stuff like that, by all means blast me again just like you did this time!


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