Mek Anikal

Curse If

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Mek Anikal

shout out @T.Sawyer dope textures an vibes bruh

Mek Anikal

I ran outta time if y'all don't know the exit line #1World1Tribe1People1Life


bro got some power here ive jammed it twice got a good vibe

Mek Anikal

@BoSSjenk beat was tough bro

Mek Anikal

@lunchbox big love Fam head up my G good vibes only over here


Get IT!!!!💯

Max-R Conception


Sisco P

"trying to bring the walking dead back to life"...killed it fam!! I started writing to this beat too, maybe I should revisit it.

Mek Anikal

@MAASAI G.H.O.D tryin to my G

Mek Anikal

@Sisco P bru thinking bout it myself lol 😁 if you flip it hit me up I need the class 🤓


Lourd de fou🔥🔥 J'ai sorti un son sur YouTube allez donnez de la force l'ekip🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/pwfkKsso03k