Sisco P

Left vs Right (Sick of the pettiness)

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Sisco P

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MightyKBeats Ytb

still so strong bro 🔥🔥🔥


yeah like it very good vibe 🤙


Dropping Gems of Knowledge 💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏

Sisco P

thanks fam!

Castro ivy

Bro’s not just droppin bars he’s dropping knowledge

Castro ivy

Bless up


ayyyyyyyeeee the flow switch up...I see you homie🔥🔥


One of best tracks, fire bro


🔥🔥🔥🔥☄☄☄☄☄☄⚡⚡⚡⚡ WORD LIFE!!!!!! STR8 WISDOM.




This fire fr🔥

Sisco P

thanks! appreciate it fam✊🏾

fear Nation

this was amazing

Gazza comme la BANDE


rap god of rap

nice music

Jafar Officiel



Killed it my guy


Sub me I’ll sub back

Versssatile D

Missed hearing you Brother Straight Wisdom with Heart!!!!

Versssatile D

im writing now...you inspired me to write...Im not your average Not just lookin for green like a feen Its not all about that cabbage Ask that Boy Randy He said Ohhhh Yeeeah That dude D is Straight Savage Im here now and I aint gonna stop Till Im Respected with Props These dudes lucky its not The old days you would play my tape cassette in yuh deck So long you need a brace for yuh neck or until your tape popped and still waitin on my next tape to drop Im so Hip Hop I can tell from a couple bars If you a Troll n gonna flip flop I spit real shit that speaks to The Streets Make them come down your face So many Tears.. Drip Drop Im a beast on these sheets A dog of his leash That ain't ate in weeks Love pain so come test me I'm Rocky in the Ring Im Wayne Gretzky , when he's playin Hockey in the Rink The pain lets me and gets me so cocky with the ink, Give it to me plain no Pepsi never messy And don't get sloppy when I drink A multi syllable rhyme Killable Not your average individual, now you can't see my pain its painted visual with uh utencil a #2 pencil!!!

Sisco P

Bro this is nice!!🔥You should spit it on here, or just save it and record a song. either way I wanna hear it!!

Versssatile D

I got you Bro..Can't stop im like 52 bars on 52 pages..lol...But i want to be more then clever like your craft Heart and Wisdom..Thats why I Respect your Craft Brother 💯 ✝️🙏❤🙌

Versssatile D

check out flowcab dude 15 and is snappin he just needs the right Brothers around him but dude is Nasty for 15 4rl!!!