Meel Da Don

Timeless freestyle (Meek mill challenge )

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Meel Da Don

I wanted to take a stab at it how i do? #meekmillchallenge #freestyle #rap


Tawk bro 😎

Max-R Conception



Hey bro this track have a good potential to blow up fr! Ofc a lot of things you have to fix in your sound quality btw i like your flow keep it going! If you want we could try to work together I have a good offer for you 💯💯


Idk for some of reasons I can’t dm you here and give you more details about that, but if you have instagram we can speak there, just dm me ✊🏼✊🏼@kapacho.madeit or https://instagram.com/kapacho.madeit?igshid=10n44a249vkd7


Nice job well done!

Evan Ace

I'm new to this, but it's nice to see lyrical rappers on here 💯🌟

Hokalo Beats

sounds cool, it would be great to hear you on my beats

LostOne 2021

you got it young gunner for sure


@Meel Da Don ✅🏴‍☠️🔥 FRENCH REMIX CJ - WHOOPTY HERE : https://youtu.be/tCO0ldqJ8G0

Paul -G

hey bro you inspirational keep that shit cool like u doin. much luv whiteboy paul g

AV beatzs

Dam this is clean 🤤