Nann Fuchs/Ramen Noodlz

😭Letter II Shad 😭

Tu peux désormais promouvoir tes vidéos et instrus !

Nann Fuchs/Ramen Noodlz

#blaKKKlan #RIH #Shad #Williams

Twisted God

Yo this deep love it an I can feel this shit bruh word up this the type of music I can make I get to emotional I feel how u feel thro yo words bruh tip shad bruh neva new him but I feel like ik him now

Nann Fuchs/Ramen Noodlz

good looking bruh. took me a long time 2 b emotionally strong enough 2 even rap this! smh.

blazz.ey (P.D.B 59-02)

real rap.force to you brother..

Sakkrite Lee