Amber marie

Im sorry mom and dad

Tu peux désormais promouvoir tes vidéos et instrus !

Amber marie


AkiTra/ RepenTless (beats it)

were u in cyfe?

Amber marie



that shit was real...you a ruff diamond, real recognize real an I knew you had potential when I 1st saw you, you just need to get with the right people im the same way trying to find the rite people. keep ur head up baby girl hit me up look I wrote you in the conversation box so I can give you some contact info we need to link up....and try not to use that word if you really wanna make cus you need to erase that other video so it dont come back to hurt your career....#keeptrappin

Amber marie

Thanks ya and I apologize it wasn’t ment to upset anyone and I texted you

🏃🏽‍♂️☝🏽🤑run_it_up mook

💪🏻💪🏾🌡🔥 keep pushin and stay motivated

Money J

That’s real af.... That’s what makes music live within us and allow us to share it, is the pain we release that other people can relate too... I give u props what u wrote I’m going through the same thing. Keep pushin