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free my identity with ☁️ Bigger than the stactur of my good Friend William Watley , An to that Bother 1ne love plus a R.I.P...samething goes 4 JONATHAN, GRANDMA, GRATE GRANDMA Both , lil Mikey, puppet, Pierre Maze, Voice, OBD, DYNASTY, And JODICE. There's more But the list goes long, & I'm trying to Beat the depression. reminiscing comes with landmines, so I liked to keep my head str8, MAHGITLATE in a forward direction. so I could make sure my kin'$ ®ain is VAST. LEGACY ALOT FURTHER THEN WHAT THE EYE'$ can $ee , something like 711 status, and I feel like it's calling me out, how can I not pursuit to achieve what I want accomplish, somewhere Be'on the $ky the limit, man an look at all my people grounded, so I'm going to do it 4 them, cause that chance, they don't have, But this here Family, PURGE GANG raising to the TOP and in your honor we 4ever REPPING 4 FAMILY.

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